Svensk massageterapi

Vanliga besvär som vi ofta jobbar med:

Stress och ångest

Vi har över tio års erfarenhet.

The pressure from Swedish massage is ideal for relieving muscle tension, like the kind that builds up from hunching over a computer all day. This tension can result in muscle knots, tense muscle fibers that forms a knot. Our trainers are experienced in finding these issues. Swedish-massage techniques are ideal for gently coaxing those knots away.


Fördelar med massage

Studier har visat att massage är ett effektivt sätt att behandla stress, smärta och spänningsvärk. Det kan även göra gott för:

  • Ångest och andra psykiska besvär
  • Matsmältningsproblem
  • Huvudvärk och migrän
  • Sömnsvårigheter
  • Muskelknutar
  • Lättare skador
  • Idrottsskador
  • Ledsmärtor
  • Rehabilitering efter operation

Massage is not an alternative to use instead of medical treatment, but is a complement to reduce tension and stimulate the body's own healing process. Make sure to choose your therapist carefully and tell your therapist about your problems, in order to get massage that fit your needs.

Risks with massage

Massage is beneficial for most people, but may not be appropriate if you suffer from:

  • Bleeding disorders or take blood-thinning medication
  • Burn wounds or healing wounds
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Fractures
  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Severe thrombocytopenia
  • Experiencing fever or the flu
  • Pregnancy in certain scenarios 
If you're unsure if massage is the right fit for you, feel free to contact us.

What to expect during a massage

Your massage therapist will ask you about your medical and health situation and background, and why you'd like to get a massage. Together with your therapist, you'll come up with a treatment plan that fits you, your wishes and your needs.

You will be asked to remove clothing on the area where you'd like to receive massage, but of course it's important that both you and your therapist are comfortable. Don't remove more clothing than necessary. 

You will lie down on the therapy table and get comfortable with a roller under your feet or knees, and a blanket to keep you warm and cosy. Your massage therapist will use massage techniques to soften the muscles and at the same time, they will locate painful or tense areas, knots in the muscles and determine how much pressure to apply. Your therapist will usually use lotion or oil, depending on the purpose and aim of the massage. The lotion or oil is used to reduce friction on your skin. Aromatic oils are used for the relaxing or energetic effect. Liniment is used to increase blood circulation and decrease the painful experience that massage therapy actually can be - even though it's very good for your body. Make always sure to tell your therapist allergies you may have. 
The new and popular massage gun is used for facial massage and makes massage more effective and less painful. We never want to cause you pain!
After the massage, your therapist will provide you with a glass of water since the massage may t
rigger dizziness and fatigue - which is all normal. It's also normal to feel sore in the muscles afterwards. The best effect from massage usually comes after 3-4 treatments.

Health factors are factors we can modify to improve the length and quality of our lives. To better your quality in life, on, it's recommended to focus on what you CAN change in order to get rid on thoughts on what you cannot change. This also represents how Sweden Sportspilates's team works.